The Poet and the Fly

Flies are ubiquitous: buzzing, minuscule, and seemingly insignificant, they’ve been both plagues and minor annoyances for millennia. Rather than ignore these incredibly mundane and seemingly insignificant creatures, poets spanning centuries, from the seventeenth to the twentieth, and continents, from North America to Asia, have found that these ordinary bugs illuminate deep spiritual mysteries.

In this revelatory book, Robert Hudson considers seven poets, each of whom wrote a provocative poem about a fly. These poets, all mystics in their own way, ponder the simple fly and come to astounding conclusions. Considering Emily Dickinson, William Blake, and several others, The Poet and the Fly brings together the poetry and the poets’ own lives to explore the imaginative, and often prophetic, insights that come from the startling combination of flies and poetry.

Ultimately, the message each poet offers to us is as relevant today as it was in their own time: the miracle of existence, the gift of mortality, the power of the imagination, the need for compassion, the existence of the soul, the mystery of everything around us, and the sacramental, grace-giving power of story.

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