Seeing Jesus: Visionary Encounters from the First Century to the Present

How would we even recognize Jesus if we were to pass him on the street? What did he look like? How did he act?

This intriguing new book from Robert Hudson explores the lives of more than thirty people—saints, sinners, visionaries, and scoundrels—who claim to have seen the actual face of Jesus, whether in dreams, visions, or mystical encounters.

Meet such people as Jerome (whom Jesus ordered to be whipped in his vision), Hildegard of Bingen (whose visions may have been associated with migraine headaches), Julian of Norwich (to whom Jesus gave sixteen specific revelations), William Blake (who experienced all sorts of visions throughout his life), Sojourner Truth (to whom Jesus appeared as an umbrella to shield her from the burning sun of her own sins), and Maria Rubio (who saw Jesus in a scorched tortilla).

These stories are a mix of skeptical inquiry and profound faith. If you’ve ever wondered what Jesus might have looked like, this book offers more than two dozen accounts from history.

ISBN: 9781506465753

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